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The journey started in the UK with a foundation of html & dhtml development back in 2003 as a side interest to corporate ‘regular jobs’ in high technology environments.

empresita evolved during 2020 when helping out small businesses in Lanzarote with a need for an online presence, and developed from there.

Fearless creativity

Lover of painting, photography, getting outdoors and having fun, creativity in the kitchen, conceptual thinking, digital marketing, and just plain finding new ways to experience life.

Xenia will challenge you to think deeply about your business, your brand and what you want your focus in life to be. She will gently guide your through the process to designing and building your digital marketing strategy, your website and empower you in your business, making life more fun!

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we can help

With a little time and research most small business owners can build or refresh a basic website for their needs, possibly with some specific coaching.

However what if you want something a little more custom, more personal to your brand, more automated? Or you need more complex functionality, perhaps don’t have the time, or web design just isn’t your thing?

This is where Xenia and her carefully selected technical specialists and software toolkit can step in and help create your vision. Find out now.

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